Today I love you because...

A daily love letter to the crazy and wonderful man who married me.

You moved our whole life across the country while I chased my India travel fantasies. No one believes me when I tell them!

You’re super cute when you talk to the animals when you think I can’t hear you. Adorable.

You love our family. You’ll take crazy risks with me on the chance that it make make our life richer and more joyous and maybe even a little more fun.

I miss you when we’re apart, but not in that frantic new love kind of way. It’s only a dull ache kind of missing, because I know we have forever together.

You are a gentleman in the best way possible.

I still get excited to see you. That’s part of what tells me you’re the right one.

We have the same idea of what a nice Friday night is, and it definitely includes being together.

You trust my taste and it means you get nice clothes now. We’re slowly weeding out those ugly old t-shirts!

You’ve taught me to trust. It’s been invaluable for my sanity in our relationship.

You take my critical nature in stride. You know that you’re sometimes (never on purpose) the outlet for my stress. I’ll keep trying to not let that happen!